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Diagoras the Rhodian

Diagoras carried on the shoulders of his 2 sons

Early in the morning walking by the nord shore of Rhodes. (this a side photo, i promice you to get a dayligh front photo :-)  )
This a powerful statue showing a man, Diagoras it's name, carried on the shoulders of his 2 sons.
There is a beautiful story behind this..
Diagoras the Rhodian, was a famous boxer from 5th centure BC. He was a victor in Olympic games twice. He had 3 sons, also Olympic champions.

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An old Glory!

Volkswagen beetle in Rhodes

August 1st today! This is the time of the year where every hotel is full on the island! Even the least known ones.
Also as it ts the first of the month usually we wish each other to "have a nice month".
I had the time for my walk today and look what i found! A volkswagen beetle!
Have a nice month everyone!

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